Founded in 2003, but in development for a lifetime, Metalhead Fabrication is the culmination of years of hard work, strong bonds, and the never-ending goal to be better.


As a youngster, growing up on farms in the midwest, and the deserts of the southwest, Jon Volek could be found drag racing riding mowers, modifying mini-bikes, or building and destroying anything with two wheels, three wheels or four.

With age, the need to build and fabricate developed out of a necessity to keep things working.  Skateboards, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, skis, snowboards, sleds, cars, trucks - and even the occasional boat - have all been test platforms for Jon's abilities, and his desire, to make things faster, stronger and better.  

Jon finds daily inspiration through his family, his friends, and especially the local businesses and shops who help him to get work done everyday.